Mar 3, 2024
Himalayan Chef Himalayan Pink Salt – 5 lbs Fine Grain Bulk Bag – Kosher and Vegan, 100% Natural and Pure Gourmet Crystal – Contains 84 Minerals

Price: $21.24
(as of Mar 03, 2024 10:08:28 UTC – Details)

Ideal Lifestyle: Himalayan salt is 100% pure with no added preservatives or anti-caking agents like that of regular table salts. Table salts also contains artificial Iodine and other additives that may be described as not good for health on the other hand Himalayan Salt contains 84 trace minerals and vitamin that enhance taste of your food and keep you healthy.
Cooking Expert: Himalayan Pink Salt can be used for curing meats and seasoning grilled meats, fish, ribs, eggs, vegetables, soups, stews, pasta salads as well as baking.
Wellness: Pink Himalayan salt is also utilized by health professionals, spas, and anyone interested in using natural goods for the body and soothes the mind. Rock salt has been used for ages as folk remedies for a number of health conditions.
Satisfaction of Customers: We always stand behind our products and we listen to our customers. If for any reason you feel our Himalayan salt is not for you, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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