Mar 4, 2024
Soeos Himalayan Sea Salt, Coarse Grain, 32oz (2 Pound), Non-GMO Himalayan Pink Salt, Kosher Salt, Sea Salt for Grinder Refill

Price: $8.99
(as of Mar 04, 2024 02:32:11 UTC – Details)

SEA SALT SUBSTITUTE: Common table salt is refined and many other compounds and additives are added in its processing while Himalayan Pink salt is free from all additives, dyes and preservatives, and without any processing.
ETHICALLY SOURCED: Pink Himalayan salt is a type of rock salt mined in the depths of the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan. The mineral contents naturally occur in beautiful pink color, making it the highest-quality Himalayan pink salt on the market.
VERSATILE USE: People use this type of salt and common table salt in the same way: As part of cooking, to season meals, and to preserve food.
EXPERTLY PRODUCED: SOEOS a renowned spice and herb brand beloved by chefs and culinary enthusiasts bringing bringing fresher ingredients to every kitchen.
SOEOS takes your satisfaction as our highest priority. Let us know anytime for questions and concerns, as we value your voice to make things right.

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