Salt Products himalayan pink salt Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt – Full Flavor, No Additives and Less Sodium – Pure and Natural Since 1886 – 3 Pound (New Packaging)

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt – Full Flavor, No Additives and Less Sodium – Pure and Natural Since 1886 – 3 Pound (New Packaging)

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt – Full Flavor, No Additives and Less Sodium – Pure and Natural Since 1886 – 3 Pound (New Packaging) post thumbnail image

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Product Description

The Diamond Crystal Salt Co. Family

Individual Quiches with Kosher SaltIndividual Quiches with Kosher Salt

Grape Dessert with Sea SaltGrape Dessert with Sea Salt

Cooking with Pink SaltCooking with Pink Salt

Diamond Crystal Salt Co. Kosher Salt Flakes

Since 1886, Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is the original no additive, natural scratch cooking Kosher salt.

With Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt, the expectation is brilliance. Used in top restaurants by chefs around the country, Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is authentic Kosher salt. It is chosen by chefs for its simplicity, purity and coarse texture. Unlike other Kosher salts, Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt’s unique hollow crystals are coarse enough to pick up and fragile enough to crush between your fingers for perfect seasoning.

Diamond Crystal Salt Co. Coarse California Sea Salt

Our sea salt comes from the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and is produced through years of evaporation. The process for harvesting sea salt today is really the same process that has been used for centuries. Diamond Crystal Sea Salt is harvested only when it is ready. For use in Salt Grinders.

Diamond Crystal Salt Co. Pink Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Pink salt is 100% natural unrefined rock salt. Free from added chemicals, additives and anti-caking agents. Use in place of standard coarse salt. Ideal in a salt grinder for everyday use!

Our natural pink salt comes from the Khewra Mines, a pristine salt formation in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Its purity brightens any dish and its beauty enhances any table.

One of a Kind Since 1886.

DCSC FamilyDCSC Family

Meticulously crafted, and always additive free, our salts are just what you need to bring out the flavor in your time-tested recipes and new cooking projects.

Our Products

We may have a new look, but we’ve been around a long time – maybe you haven’t met us before? Kosher Salt Flakes is our flagship product, but coming soon we will expand our product family to include Coarse California Sea Salt and Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt. Our premium salts are versatile and have many uses, making them the standard for your busy kitchen.

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9.09 x 5.16 x 3.11 inches; 3 Pounds
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Diamond Cyrstal

NEW LOOK – SAME GREAT SALT! Consumers may receive either the old (red) or new (white) packaging for this item for a period of time while we transition packaging. Rest assured, the product is the same.
Economical 48 oz. size
No Additives & Less Sodium: The only pure kosher salt with 53% less sodium by volume compared to regular table salt. Perfect for everyday use.
Light Texture: Renowned for its distinctly coarse yet fragile texture, our hollow kosher salt flakes can be crumbled between fingertips for unparalleled seasoning control.
Naturally Crafted: Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is distinct from other kosher salts because its light salt flakes are formed naturally, not through granulated salt compaction.
Maximum Flavor: Acclaimed by professional chefs, foodies and home cooks for bringing out uncompromised flavor in your dishes.

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